Innovator provides the ability to track the history of an item and record the changes that have been made since its creation.  History is only tracked for those itemtypes that have the Save_History property checked.  This prevents the database from being taxed by unnecessary data.  Unchecking the checkbox does not remove any history records that have been created, but will prevent any new history records from being saved.  Any recorded history data can be viewed regardless of the current setting of the Save_History property.


History for a given item can be viewed from either the Edit or View forms by selecting History from the Views menu.  


History Data


All history for a given item is stored together so that it spans all of the configurations for an item.  When viewing history, the following properties are displayed:



Actions that Save History


Only specific actions will cause a history record to be written.  The actions that trigger the writing of a history record are as follows:





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